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  1. Scholarship Application
  2. Siemens Solid Edge Software
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  5. Advanced Components
  6. Related Opportunities

Scholarship Application

The following application form is for Engineering Machine Design Teams who are struggling to cover expenses related to building their machine and participating in a regional contest or the Championship. If approved, the Team Registration Scholarship will cover the full or partial registration cost for a regional contest and/or the Championship event.

Please direct ANY questions or concerns to  

This scholarship opportunity is supported in part by Siemens.

Solid Edge

Siemens FREE CAD Software for Teams

Solid Edge Learning Library

Program Informational Material

Example Journals

Advanced Components

The following documents were provided by the Minnesota 4-H Engineering Design Challenge to help teams gain a better understanding of the four Advanced Components. These documents are intended to be a starting point to inspire ideas and methods for incorporating Advanced Components in machine designs.

Engineering Design Challenge Curriculum

The Minnesota 4-H Engineering Design Challenge has an introductory curriculum to help teams gain a better understanding of the science and engineering principles needed to build a machine. The curriculum was developed with the Eight Practices of Science and Engineering from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in mind and follows the Experiential Learning Model. Contact Mike Compton for more information.

Minnesota 4-H Engineering Design Challenge

Minnesota 4-H offers a parallel program to the Engineering Machine Design Contest called the 4-H Engineering Design Challenge. This program is available to youth in grades 3 and up and provides an opportunity for critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

Youth who build their machine to the Engineering Machine Design Contest Handbook specifications will be able to participate with the same machine in the 4-H Engineering Design Challenge. 

To learn more about the 4-H Engineering Design Challenge, visit the link below.