Career Exploration

While students may not have the same level of expertise as professional engineers, they can certainly explore and incorporate elements of various engineering disciplines in their chain reaction machines for the engineering machine design contest.  Here are how the top 10 engineering disciplines can be […]
Engineering technologies can be practiced by students in their chain reaction machines by utilizing various tools, equipment, and materials to design and construct the different components of the machine. Here’s how engineering technologies can be incorporated:   By incorporating these engineering technologies, students can gain hands-on […]
The EMDC is an exciting opportunity for students to delve into the world of engineering, engineering technology, and related fields. This contest is not just about building impressive chain reaction machines; it is also a gateway to discovering diverse and fulfilling career pathways in the […]
Objective: Students will explore various engineering career pathways by interviewing a professional engineer, gaining insights into their career, educational background, and daily responsibilities.   Time: 45± minutes  Materials:   Instructions:  
Objective: Students will research and create poster presentations showcasing different engineering career pathways and their applications in the real world.   Time: 60± minutes  Materials:   Instructions:  
Objective: Students will participate in a simulated engineering career fair, where they research, prepare, and role-play as engineers from various disciplines.   Time: 60± minutes  Materials:   Instructions: