Objective: Students will research and create poster presentations showcasing different engineering career pathways and their applications in the real world.  

Time: 60± minutes 


  • Poster boards or presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint)  
  • Art supplies (markers, colored pencils, etc.)  
  • Internet access for research  


  1. Introduction: Introduce students to various engineering career pathways and explain the importance of understanding the diverse opportunities available in the field.  
  1. Research: Assign students or groups specific engineering disciplines. Instruct them to research the discipline’s applications, notable projects, and potential career paths.  
  1. Poster Creation: Provide students with poster boards or access to presentation software. They will create visually appealing posters that include information about the engineering discipline, career opportunities, and examples of projects.  
  1. Presentation: Have students present their posters to the class. Encourage them to share what they have learned and why they find the engineering pathway interesting.  
  1. Class Discussion: After all presentations, facilitate a class discussion about the different engineering pathways explored. Discuss the range of opportunities available in engineering and how students can connect their interests to potential careers.