We cultivate relationships and enhance existing partnerships to leverage new resources.


We bring together theory, practice, and real-world solutions through innovative educational programs.


We create opportunities to inspire the future workforce and provide thought leadership to industry professionals.


The Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence facilitates relationships by engaging academic institutions with industry and provides educational outreach by inspiring interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). These efforts shape the next generation of engineers who will solve real-world problems. 


What people have to say about us 

The Engineering Center of Excellence has a fresh perspective on how to engage youth in Engineering careers. The staff produces innovative approaches to collaborate with educators, industry, and the students themselves, to create a welcoming environment to develop talent and excitement from our future workforce. The manufacturing industry appreciates their efforts!

Steve Kalina

President/ CEO

Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association

The center does an excellent job structuring fruitful meetings to get feedback on different center initiatives. Being in both worlds at various points in my career I see disconnects in the two worlds that are tackled in each one of these sessions. I have seen obvious improvements in the center’s initiatives. The team assembled knows clearly if you are not trying, you are not growing, and we must embrace change where it benefits our industries. 

Kurt Korkowski

Senior Systems Engineering Manager

Seagate Technology 

The Engineering Center cultivates resources, leverages stakeholder engagement, and strengthens relationships across all sectors – identifying the need for innovation and continuous improvement. The center initiates and facilitates industry-based standards curriculum from a variety of nationally recognized sources. They impact students, instructors, and employers through conferences, flexible training, and innovative delivery models, including student competitions. Their educational and experiential opportunities have led to the development of relationships across all sectors in Minnesota – being an inspiration and leader. 

Debbie Belfry

Director of Career and Technical Education 

Bloomington Public Schools 

I have been involved with the Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence for several years and have been extremely impressed by the work they have accomplished with such limited resources. The programs and contests that have been developed to engage young people and allow them to complete hands-on events that encourage critical thinking, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering skills are amazing. I have had the opportunity to judge some of these events and have been very impressed with the student involvement and excitement. The students discover that these challenges are really fun and that they can do them. As a metallurgical engineer who has been actively working for many years, it is this type of excitement in young students that can lead them to great engineering careers. 

Lester B. Engel, PE


Engel Metallurgical, Ltd. 

The center facilitates relationships between education and industry by intentionally designing opportunities for K12, post-secondary, and industry stakeholders to collectively engage with the purpose of exposing more youth and underrepresented populations to engineering careers and career pathways through the Engineering Machine Design Contests. Through contest participation students are developing many of the skills needed for future career success including teamwork, public speaking, problem solving skills, and networking with industry professionals who are serving as judges and reviewers at these events. 

Dawn W. Lubahn M.Ed.

Youth Program Manager

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development | CareerForce

The Engineering Center helps introduce STEM career pathways to students starting at the fifth grade (or earlier) through high school. As students prepare to graduate, the center helps present them with the opportunities necessary to investigate and prepare for numerous careers that may utilize similar skillsets and educational credits, along multiple career paths. The center also facilitates the meeting of and partnerships between students, educators, and industry. Whether procuring funding and participation from industry partners or helping develop curriculum with educators for industry and encouraging students, the Engineering Center makes life easier for all parties alike. 

Fletcher McNair

5S & TPM Coordinator 


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