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Welcome, coaches! This guidebook is designed to support you in seamlessly integrating the Engineering Machine Design Contest (EMDC) into your setting – whether it be as part of a class, an out-of-school experience, homeschool group, or any other setting. By following this guide, you will […]
Welcome, First-Time Coach! Congratulations on embarking on an exciting journey as a coach for the Engineering Machine Design Contest. As a first timer, we understand that you might have questions about how to get started and ensure your team’s success. Do not worry; we have got […]
The Engineering Machine Design Contest is an opportunity to showcase your creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Enjoy the process, embrace challenges, and have fun while building your amazing chain reaction machine! A predictable and reliable chain reaction machine is crucial for a success machine. By following […]
Let’s explore the iterative design process and how it can help you create an amazing chain reaction machine. Iterative design is all about making improvements and refinements through multiple cycles of testing, feedback, and redesign.  Understanding Iterative Design  What is Iterative Design? Iterative design is a […]
To create an impactful chain reaction machine, it is important to consider how judges will observe and appreciate your creation. The following will guide you through design considerations to ensure your machine is easily observed in action.    Visibility   Safety and Accessibility   Aesthetics and Presentation  […]
To effectively showcase your chain reaction machine, it is essential to prepare and deliver a compelling presentation. The following will provide you with valuable tips to ensure your presentation captivates the judges and highlights the intricacies of your machine.  Preparing Your Presentation   Designing Your Presentation  […]
As you work on your chain reaction machine and prepare your presentation, it’s helpful to assign specific roles to each team member. This will help ensure that everyone has a clear responsibility and contributes effectively to the project. These roles are just suggestions, and you […]
As an engineering machine design coach, your role is not only to guide your team towards success in the contest but also to create an inclusive environment where all team members feel a sense of belonging and contribute their unique strengths. By promoting collaboration and […]
The EMDC is a valuable resource that can facilitate the development of essential 21st century skills in program participants. From critical thinking to collaboration, let’s explore how this competition ignites the spark of creativity while nurturing vital skills for the future.   Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: The […]