To create an impactful chain reaction machine, it is important to consider how judges will observe and appreciate your creation. The following will guide you through design considerations to ensure your machine is easily observed in action.   


  • Clear Line of Sight: Ensure that the key steps and components of your machine are easily visible to the judges. Avoid obstructions or complex arrangements that may hinder their view.  
  • Height and Elevation: Consider elevating certain parts of your machine to provide a better view. Use platforms or stands to showcase important elements that might be difficult to see from a lower perspective.  
  • Highlighting Features: Use contrasting colors, labels, or signs to draw attention to significant parts or steps. Add LED lights or markers to emphasize critical actions.  

 Safety and Accessibility 

  • Safety Precautions: Ensure that your machine is designed with safety in mind. Keep any hazardous or fragile components secure and out of reach. Avoid sharp edges or dangerous mechanisms that could cause harm.   
  • Accessibility for Judges: Allow the judges to easily access your machine for closer examination if necessary. Provide sufficient space for them to move around and inspect the various components. 
  • Clear Explanations: Include clear labels or signs that describe each step or component’s purpose. Use arrows or indicators to guide the judges’ attention to critical actions.  

 Aesthetics and Presentation 

  • Neatness and Organization: Keep your machine clean and organized. Arrange components in a visually appealing and logical manner. Use trays, containers, or frames to maintain orderliness.  
  • Decorative Elements: Consider adding decorations or components related to the contest’s theme. Use props or visual elements that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.  
  • Presentation Flow: Ensure that the sequence of steps in your machine is easy to follow and understand. Use visual cues or diagrams to illustrate the intended flow of actions.  

By considering visibility, safety, accessibility, and aesthetics, you can create a chain reaction machine that impresses the judges. Remember, an impressive machine not only performs well but also engages and captivates the audience.