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Why Sponsor?

Program sponsorship will reduce barriers to participation and be a catalyst to engage youth from underserved and underrepresented communities. Sponsorships support program resource development, team scholarships, and Region Contests site grants.

Program Resources

Sponsorships will offset expenses to contribute to delivering a high-quality program, recruiting teams from underserved areas, and help keep operational expenses, and ultimately team registration costs, minimal.


Sponsorships will help offset program-related expenses for teams with very limited financial support at the local level.


Most contests have a negative balance on their contest operation costs. Sponsorships will offset expenses so contest sites are able to maintain a low (or no cost) registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the contests take place?

The Regional Contests take place in January – March with the Championship taking place on the fourth Friday in April.

How long has this program been around?

The Engineering Machine Design Contest started in 2018 with a single contest at Minnesota State University, Mankato. St. Angar High School in Iowa become the second contest site in 2019. In 2020, Anoka Technical College in Minnesota and CESA 10 in Wisconsin joined the program. The Virtual Open Regional Contest was piloted in 2021, which was the same year STEM Forward out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin became the fifth Regional Contest site. That was the same year the Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence organized the first Engineering Machine Design Championship.

How do schools implement this program?

Teams are generally formed within an existing class. For example, a Physics Instructor or a Career and Technical Educator Instructor will incorporate the machine build into their existing course. Alternatively, some teams are formed as extracurricular activities. Additionally, teams are not required to be school-based. Individuals from different schools or areas can form a team.

How much time does it take for a team to build their machine?

The time it takes to build a machine depends a lot on the time available to the team. Some teams will begin brainstorming their design in September, while other teams may not start working on their machine until a month before their Regional Contest.

Is there a sponsorship cycle?

Sponsorships can be accepted at any time. However, to guarantee sponsorship benefits, the sponsorship should be committed by November. Sponsorships benefits are on an annual basis.

What is the “reach” of the website, t-shirts, or other promotional materials?

With the program growing by over 50% each year since its inception, the projected reach is anticipated to do the same. The Engineering Machine Design Contest website received approximately 6,600 views during the 2021 contest season. The 2022 contest season is anticipated to directly reach over 600 students across at least three states and 50 school districts.