Activity Lesson Plans

Through this activity, learners will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork abilities by designing and building their own chain reaction machines. They will learn the importance of planning, collaboration, and persistence while experiencing the thrill of watching their machines come […]
Objective: To generate creative and innovative ideas for your chain reaction machine presentation in the Engineering Machine Design Contest.   Time: 45± minutes  Materials Needed:   Instructions:   1. Introduction (5 minutes)   2. Brainstorming Session (15 minutes)   3. Idea Sharing and Discussion (10 minutes)   4. Refining and Selecting […]
Objective: To help EMDC teams brainstorm and define the task their machine will accomplish based on the given broad theme.   Time: 30± minutes   Materials Needed:   Instructions:   Handout: Brainstorming Steps   Brainstorming Your Machine Theme and Task  Brainstorming is an opportunity to explore a wide range of […]
This activity encourages team members to recognize and appreciate each other’s strengths and skills. It fosters an inclusive environment by ensuring that everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued and promotes collaboration and creativity by integrating different perspectives into the design process. Furthermore, it will set a positive […]
Objective: Students will explore various engineering career pathways by interviewing a professional engineer, gaining insights into their career, educational background, and daily responsibilities.   Time: 45± minutes  Materials:   Instructions:  
Objective: Students will research and create poster presentations showcasing different engineering career pathways and their applications in the real world.   Time: 60± minutes  Materials:   Instructions:  
Objective: Students will participate in a simulated engineering career fair, where they research, prepare, and role-play as engineers from various disciplines.   Time: 60± minutes  Materials:   Instructions: