Objective: Students will participate in a simulated engineering career fair, where they research, prepare, and role-play as engineers from various disciplines.  

Time: 60± minutes 


  • Tables or stations for each engineering discipline  
  • Research materials and internet access  
  • Props and visuals related to each engineering discipline  


  1. Career Fair Setup: Create different stations or tables, each representing a specific engineering discipline (e.g., mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, environmental engineering, etc.).  
  1. Research and Role-Play: Assign students or groups to specific engineering disciplines. They will research their assigned discipline and prepare to role-play as engineers at the career fair.  
  1. Career Fair Simulation: Students set up their stations with visual aids and props related to their engineering field. During the career fair, they will interact with their peers, explaining their discipline’s applications, projects, and potential career paths.  
  1. Rotation: Allow students to rotate and visit each station to learn about various engineering career pathways. Encourage them to ask questions and engage in conversations with the “engineers.”  
  1. Reflection: After the career fair, facilitate a reflection session where students share their insights and experiences. Discuss the diversity of engineering fields and how students can pursue their interests in these areas.