The 2024 EMDC Ambassadors harness their unique skills and interests to share their EMDC stories that highlight the impact the EMDC has had on them, including career pathway interest and exploration, technical and career readiness skill development, and gaining a sense of belonging.

I’ve been participating in the EMDC since freshman year and I’ve loved it the entire time. From Powering the World two years ago to Space last year it’s been one of my favorite activities I’ve ever done. I look forward to this year’s and next year’s competition. I think that the Engineering Machine Design Contest has helped me prepare for my future by showing me numerous paths I can take down the engineering field. I am leaning toward Electrical or Biomedical Engineering because of EMDC. I am a great spokesperson, and team player, and I love to contribute my ideas. As an EMDC Ambassador, I can contribute my opinions to benefit all teams.

Lucas Anderson

Grade: 11th Grade

Regional EMDC: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Organization/ School: New Berlin Eisenhower

City, StateNew Berlin, Wisconsin

Years in EMDC: 3rd Year

Being a part of the EMDC for 2 years, I have learned how to communicate with and support others. My favorite part of the EMDC is working with teammates to combine our ideas and seeing other team’s amazing designs. I love helping and encouraging others. I am excited to be a role model for the EMDC. I am passionate about encouraging others and helping them come up with cool components. I am a great communicator, I love to brainstorm new ideas, and work with a team.

Jane Black

Grade: 9th Grade

Regional EMDCChippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Organization/ SchoolWildlands School

City, StateAugusta, Wisconsin

Years in EMDC: 3rd Year

The EMDC program has taught me and given so many amazing experiences. This program has gotten me an internship in a machine shop (at only 14 years old). It has inspired me to pursue engineering in the future as a machinal engineer. I have learned a lot from the experiences and have become invested in engineering because of my involvement in the building and maintenance of my machine. Through the EMDC, I have learned a lot of skills that I can use in my future. As an EMDC Ambassador, I am excited to help and inspire kids to build. I want to be a part of helping the program grow – I already talk about the EMDC every chance I get. I am excited about this great opportunity.

danica strauss

Grade: 9th Grade

Regional EMDCChippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Organization/ SchoolWildlands school

City, StateAugusta, Wisconsin

Years in EMDC: 3rd Year

I have participated in the EMDC since 5th grade, which was the first year of the EMDC. I am excited to be chosen as an ambassador for the EMDC. The EMDC have inspired me to be interested in architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Engineering is a very broad field and as I explore my options and increase my experiences, I will be better able to choose a specific career. The EMDC experiences are important as I explore options. The reasons I am excited to be an EMDC ambassador: 1) To be a part of the EMDC community and meet other cool and smart people, 2) To gain experience to hopefully become a judge, 3) To develop my leadership skills, and 4) To increase my engineering capabilities and explore other career options.

luqman muhamed

Grade: 10th Grade

Regional EMDCMankato, Minnesota

Organization/ School: New Century School

City, State: St. Paul, Minnesota

Years in EMDC: 6th Year


Jennifer Peck

EMDC Regional Contest Organizer

PK12 STEM Consultant, CESA 10

Melissa Huppert, PhD

EMDC Director

STEM Outreach Director, Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence

EMDC Student Ambassadors

Apply today to shape the future of the EMDC!

Are you ready to be a leader?


Promote the impact EMDC has on young people.

Social Media Influencer

Share your story to influence others.

ROle Model

Help others work toward success through the EMDC.

Mover & Shaker

Contribute your ideas to help shape the future of the EMDC.

Ambassador Expectations

Social Media Influencer

Help manage the EMDC social media sites including creating content and scheduling posts for YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and other outlets.

Team Player

Coordinate and collaborate with the EMDC Ambassador Team to ensure a fun and inclusive experience for all team members.


Share about the awesome impact EMDC has on young people from all background at regional event, virtual meetings, and the championship event.


Applicants must meet the following requirements to be consider for the EMDC Ambassador Team:

  1. Have completed at least one year in the EMDC.
  2. Be in grades six through twelve.


One-year term, starting in the fall through the end of the contest season in April/May. 

Individuals can serve multiple terms.

Event Supporter

Support event organizers at regional and championship events such as helping setup/clean-up and facilitate feedback sessions.


Attend regular virtual team meetings, contributing your ideas and experiences to the help improve and enhance the EMDC.

Role Model

Be a shining representative of the program and a positive role model for other young people to aspire to be like. 

Application Process

Deadline to Apply

2024 Season Cohort: November 15th, 2023
2025 Season Cohort: September 15th, 2024


Application Form

Note: Responses to the Application Questions can be submitted as a video or written response.

Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

Note: Email letters of recommendation to emdc@mnsu.edu.

Selection Process

Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria by a committee of EMDC representatives:

  1. Minimum Requirements Met (At least one year in EMDC and in the 6th-12th grade)
  2. Letters of Recommendation: Endorsing applicant as an individual that is eager to learn, take on challenges, be a team player, and be a positive representative of the program.
  3. Response to Two (2) Application Questions (Video or Written):
  4. What is your favorite part of the EMDC Program?
  5. Why do you want to be an EMDC Ambassador?
  6. How would your teammates response to the following question: What make [insert your name] a good leader or role model?
  7. How do you envision your future after EMDC? What career or field interests you the most and why?
  8. How do you think the EMDC will (or has) prepared you for future experiences and/or aspirations?
  9. Regional EMDC Representing (to ensure all regional locations are represented)

Announcement of selected applicants will be made approximately two weeks after application deadline. Under special circumstances, applicants may be accepted after the application deadline with program director approval.

Questions? Contact Melissa Huppert, Program Director, melissa.huppert@mnsu.edu.