Objective: Students will explore various engineering career pathways by interviewing a professional engineer, gaining insights into their career, educational background, and daily responsibilities.  

Time: 45± minutes 


  • Interview questions (prepared in advance)  
  • Recording devices (optional, e.g., audio or video recorder)  
  • Note-taking materials  


  1. Preparation: Before the activity, introduce students to the concept of engineering career pathways. Discuss different engineering disciplines and their applications.  
  1. Research: Assign each student or group of students a specific engineering discipline (e.g., mechanical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, etc.). Instruct them to research the field and prepare interview questions.  
  1. Guest Engineer: Invite a professional engineer to visit the class virtually or in person. Alternatively, you can conduct a virtual interview with an engineer using video conferencing tools.  
  1. Interview Session: During the interview, students take turns asking their prepared questions. Encourage them to inquire about the engineer’s educational background, work experience, favorite projects, and daily tasks.  
  1. Reflection: After the interview, students should reflect on what they have learned about the engineer’s career pathway. Discuss as a class the variety of engineering disciplines and the impact of engineers in various industries.