Objective: To generate creative and innovative ideas for your chain reaction machine presentation in the Engineering Machine Design Contest.  

Time: 45± minutes 

Materials Needed:  

  • Whiteboard, flip chart, or large paper  
  • Markers or pens  
  • Sticky notes  
  • Timer  


1. Introduction (5 minutes)  

  • Gather the students in a designated area and explain the purpose of the activity: brainstorming ideas for their Engineering Machine Design Contest presentation.  
  • Remind the students of the contest theme and its relevance to their chain reaction machine.  
  • Emphasize the importance of creativity, innovation, and effective communication in their presentation.  

2. Brainstorming Session (15 minutes)  

  • Distribute sticky notes to each student or team and encourage them to write down ideas related to their chain reaction machine presentation.  
  • Explain that there are no right or wrong ideas during this brainstorming phase.  
  • Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and ask the students to generate as many ideas as possible within that time.  
  • Encourage them to think outside the box and consider various aspects of their machine, such as design, functionality, theme integration, and audience engagement.  

3. Idea Sharing and Discussion (10 minutes)  

  • Gather the students back together and provide them with a large whiteboard, flip chart, or large paper.  
  • Ask each student or team to take turns sharing one idea from their sticky notes and write it on the shared surface.  
  • Encourage students to explain their ideas briefly, focusing on the key elements and how they align with the theme.  
  • Facilitate a discussion where students can ask questions, provide feedback, and build upon each other’s ideas.  
  • Encourage collaboration and exploration of new possibilities.  

4. Refining and Selecting Ideas (10 minutes)  

  • After the idea sharing and discussion, guide the students in evaluating and refining their ideas.  
  • Ask them to consider the feasibility, creativity, and audience appeal of each idea.  
  • Encourage them to combine or modify ideas to create stronger and more innovative concepts.  
  • Instruct the students to select their top two or three ideas to further develop for their presentation.  

5. Conclusion (5 minutes)  

  • Wrap up the activity by emphasizing the importance of teamwork, creativity, and effective communication in the Engineering Machine Design Contest.  
  • Encourage the students to continue refining their chosen ideas and integrating them into their presentation.  
  • Remind them to have fun throughout the process and to embrace the challenge.  

Note: This activity can be adapted to suit individual students or teams. The time allocated for each section can be adjusted based on the needs and dynamics of the group.