As you work on your chain reaction machine and prepare your presentation, it’s helpful to assign specific roles to each team member. This will help ensure that everyone has a clear responsibility and contributes effectively to the project. These roles are just suggestions, and you can assign them based on your team’s strengths and interests. Collaboration, communication, and teamwork are key to your success in the contest. Here are some suggested roles and their corresponding responsibilities:  

Team Leader: The team leader makes sure everyone understands their roles, sets deadlines for each task, and encourages open communication among team members.  

  • Facilitates communication and collaboration among team members.  
  • Coordinates the overall progress of the project.  
  • Ensures that tasks are completed on time and according to the plan.  
  • Keeps the team motivated and focused.  

Design Engineer: The design engineer researches different chain reaction machine designs, sketches out the machine’s layout, and oversees the construction process.  

  • Takes charge of designing and constructing the chain reaction machine.  
  • Brainstorms creative and innovative ideas for the machine’s components.  
  • Collaborates with team members to ensure smooth integration of different machine elements.  
  • Ensures that the machine functions properly and meets the contest requirements.  

Materials Coordinator: The materials coordinator researches and creates a list of materials needed, checks their availability, and communicates with team members to ensure everything is on hand for the project.  

  • Researches and compiles a list of necessary materials and resources.  
  • Coordinates the procurement and organization of materials.  
  • Ensures that all required materials are available for the construction of the chain reaction machine.  
  • Manages the inventory and keeps track of the budget.  

Presentation Specialist: The presentation specialist designs visual aids that showcase the chain reaction machine’s components, coordinates the presentation structure, and practices delivering the presentation with the team.  

  • Creates a visually appealing and engaging presentation for the contest.  
  • Designs slides or visual aids to effectively communicate the key aspects of the chain reaction machine.  
  • Prepares and rehearses the team’s presentation script.  
  • Ensures that the presentation flows smoothly and captures the audience’s attention.  

Documentation Manager: The documentation manager takes notes during team meetings, maintains an organized record of the project, and prepares a comprehensive document highlighting the team’s efforts.  

  • Keeps track of the team’s progress and records all important details.  
  • Documents the design process, challenges faced, and solutions implemented.  
  • Organizes and maintains all project-related documents, including research materials and design sketches.  
  • Prepares a summary of the team’s journey and accomplishments for the contest submission.