In the EMDC, the most exciting chain reaction machines are often the ones that use objects in unconventional and unexpected ways. By thinking outside the box, you can create a unique and captivating chain reaction that will impress the judges. Safety is crucial when working with objects – ensure that all objects are used in a controlled and secure manner and be mindful of any potential hazards. 

The key is to think creatively and push the boundaries of how objects can be utilized in your chain reaction machine. Have fun exploring different possibilities and testing out innovative ideas. 

Here are some tips to help you use objects innovatively in your machine:  

Embrace Unconventional Materials: Look beyond traditional materials and explore everyday objects that can add an unexpected element to your chain reaction. For instance:  

  • Use balloons to create air pressure that triggers a mechanism.  
  • Utilize kitchen utensils like spatulas or rolling pins as levers or ramps.  
  • Incorporate magnets to attract or repel objects, adding a magnetic twist to your machine.  

Repurpose and Recycle: Give new life to old or discarded objects by repurposing them in your chain reaction. For instance: 

  • Transform an empty soda can into a rolling element or a part of a structure.  
  • Reimagine cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls as tunnels or ramps for objects to travel through.  
  • Use discarded CDs as reflective surfaces or spinning elements.  

Combine Unexpected Elements: Combine objects from different contexts or fields to create surprising interactions. For instance:  

  • Integrate a musical instrument like a xylophone or a set of drums to produce sounds as a result of the chain reaction.  
  • Merge a toy car with a pulley system to create a moving element that triggers the next step.  
  • Incorporate a simple circuit with LEDs or small motors to add light and movement to your machine.  

Think About Size and Scale: Play with the size and scale of objects to add visual interest and variety to your machine. For instance:  

  • Use oversized dominos or playing cards as larger-than-life elements that fall and trigger the next step.  
  • Integrate marbles of different sizes that roll down ramps, creating dynamic movements.  
  • Include small figurines or toys that interact with the machine, adding a touch of storytelling.