Be sure to review the EMDC Handbook for specific rules related to mechanical components. 

A mechanical component or a “simple machine” is one that converts or transfers energy from one source to another physically. It is the simplest form of using one thing to accomplish something faster or easier. These components involve the physical movement or interaction of solid objects to create motion, transmit forces, or trigger subsequent actions. Mechanical devices are the most used in machines steps. These components rely on principles of mechanical engineering, such as motion, force, and energy transmission.  

Participants should carefully consider the forces, loads, and movements involved. It is essential to design and construct these components with structural integrity and reliability in mind. Participants should follow safety guidelines, use appropriate materials and fasteners, and perform thorough testing and inspections to ensure that mechanical components function safely and effectively within the machine. Additionally, providing clear instructions, safety guidelines, and supervision during the design and construction process will help ensure a safe and successful engineering machine design contest.