Team Presentation

During the contest, teams will give a Team Presentation to the judges prior to their first machine run in both the Preliminary and Finals Rounds. The presentation must be less than five minutes and should cover the following:

  1. Introduction of Team Members and Machine
  2. Machine Storyline and Theme
  3. Use of Engineering Design Process
  4. Integration of STEM Processes (Jr. Div.) / Advanced Components (Chemical Reaction, Electrical Step, Fluid Power, and Mechanical Action) (Sr. Div.)
  5. Explanation of Machine Steps (Including relevant and age appropriate scientific and engineering principles related to how steps operate.)
  6. Challenge(s) Faced

Presentations over five minutes will incur a 5-point penalty for being five to six minutes and a 10-point penalty for going over six minutes. At the six minute mark the presenters will be asked to stop.

Following the presentation, judges will ask the team a series of questions related to their presentation and machine design. The asking and answering of questions are not included in the five minute time limit. Refer to the Team Presentation Score Sheet found later in this document for scoring details.