Arrival, Set Up, and Departure Logistics

Teams are responsible for their machine transportation and set up. It is recommended that machines arrive to the contest fully intact and require minimal assembly. For this reason, many teams create a sturdy base structure out of plywood and two-by-fours to build their machines on. It is important to note that this structure is included when measuring the machine dimensions.

Machine set up must be completed during the time allocated by the contest planning committee. Teams will have limited time to set up their machine. No new construction is permitted at the contest site. Teams must bring their own tools and equipment as none will be provided. It is advisable for teams to bring an emergency tool kit in case of unforeseen issues that may result from machine transportation. Set up time is for assembling the pre-constructed machine parts and any repairs due to transport. Each team will be provided at least an 8’x8’x8’ area to set up and a table to set the machine on (if machine size permits). Teams are encouraged to store all items not in use under the table to prevent tripping hazards.

Following good sportsmanship practices, teams are strongly encouraged to stay for the entire competition and awards program. Removal of machines prior to the end of the competition is highly discouraged. Immediately following the completion of the contest, teams are responsible for cleaning their designated area.