Generally, the top three scoring teams will receive an award. Depending on the number of teams registered, additional placement awards may be given. All competing teams will be eligible for special awards. Each contest organizer determines the special awards for their event and how they will be awarded. Example special awards include:

  1. Best Technical Construction: for a machine with the best overall construction, fit, and finish. (Team Ballot)
  2. College & Career Ready Award: for being the team that exemplified skills in applied knowledge, effective relationships, and workplace skills.
  3. Most Creative Use of Materials: for being the team that used unusual objects to build their machine or used an everyday object in a new fun way.
  4. Most Innovative Step: for being the team with the most creative or ingenious step/transfer of energy.
  5. People’s Choice: for being the fan favorite.
  6. Persistence Award: for being the team that displayed grit and persistence.
  7. Above & Beyond: for being the team whose determination was commendable.
  8. Theme Award: for being the team that best identifies and communicates the competition theme.