The Judging Committee will be responsible for determining and have final say in all scores given to a team. The Judging Committee will be made up of engineering and educational professionals, including but not limited to university faculty, engineering post-secondary students, career and technical education teachers, and industry members. The Judging Committee will be evenly split into Judging Groups and assigned to specific clusters of teams in the Preliminary Round. Each Judging Group will include a Lead Judge, Technical Judge, and Design Judge.

The Lead Judge is responsible for keeping the Judging Group organized, moving in a timely manner, addressing questions other judges in the group may have, and facilitating any needed discussion.

The Technical Judge is responsible for completing Score Sheet 3: Machine Specifications and Run Penalties while the other judges score teams on Score Sheet 4: Machine Design and Operation.

The Design Judge is responsible for measuring the team’s machine and reporting those measurements to the Technical Judge.

The decisions of the Judging Committee are final.