Minnesota Manufacturing Workforce Partnership

The Minnesota Manufacturing Workforce Partnership is an assembly of industry, academia and state employees taking an active approach to solving workforce and industry challenges. The vision is to build partnerships that aim to restructure and accelerate the Minnesota workforce education system, meeting the demands in manufacturing. This active approach is done through engaging and pertinent topic speakers along with a dynamic networking environment.

Previous speaker topics include: 

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) focuses on the creating of a Career Pathway system, engaging local, regional and state level partners showing that any worker at any stage in their career.

Building Minnesota’s Workforce With Competency-Based Credits where the information and recommendations provide strategic options for expanding student pathways to achieve learning that is credentialed with certifications or degrees is accessible through multiple options and is transferable to further education or new employers.

Building Business + Education Partnerships with programs like Workplace Tours, Job Shadowing, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, Service Learning, Internships, and Apprenticeships.

Untapped Resources – how to hire rehabilitated felons from the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Way and techniques to hire and attract Veterans. What are the advantages and benefits of pursuing these types of potential employees?

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