What an awesome event for students to participate in. This STEM program is the WHOLE package! It not only hits on engineering and science, but strengthens skills in public speaking, writing (journal), creativity, problem-solving, and artistic abilities. You will not find a better low-cost STEM program for students to get excited about!

Senior Division Coach
Science & Technology Teacher

A great experience for students to apply their STEM knowledge to a real-life problem. Very well run and organized and tons of support provided. We loved our experience and look forward to next year!

Senior Division Coach
Science & Physics Teacher

My students have competed in the Engineering Machine Design Competition for several years at the regional level. This year we made it to the Championship competition that was held virtually. My students have learned so much through the engineering process and problem-solving. The collaboration on this project is not only STEM but also public speaking, art, and teamwork. This competition meets NGSS Standards and 21st-century skills.

Senior Division Coach
Science & Mathematics Teacher

The Engineering Center of Excellence demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting students in their efforts to design the future. The EMDC was carefully planned and supported and well-executed. The cadre of judges inspired students to rise and exceed every expectation while they solved real-time problems while working collaboratively. Students call it ‘hard fun‘.

Junior Division Coach
Design & Engineering Lab Director

I loved this. My students loved this. One of our team members, who often has behavioral challenges, excelled in this program. He rocked this experience and emerged as a positive leader. This student also came to respect and appreciate students who may have different talents than he possessed. He looked at them through new goggles. I hope this program continues to grow. I had another team member who was never a behavior problem but just kind of existed in school. He tests off the charts but often seems bored with daily school work. He ate this up. He wants to continue to compete at the Senior level.

Junior Division Coach
Technology & Media Teacher

This program is well organized. Through proper coaching, this program allows students the opportunity to function as part of a team to solve problems using a clear process. It can help teach both engineering principles and soft/interpersonal skills. The students I saw in the competition were all positive, passionate, professional, and mature. They looked like they were enjoying themselves and their projects were well done. It was a great experience.

Championship Judge
Industry Professional

This is exactly the kind of experience that builds true self-esteem and skills in young people and could help build a stronger pipeline of a diverse group of new engineers in the future. As a person that helps young people with entrepreneurial ideas, this type of competition could be what sparks a new inventor or convinces a young person they do have what it takes to lead.

Championship Judge
Business and Entrepreneurship Consultant

This year was my first time serving as a judge and I was *blown away* by how creative and inspiring the students were. I absolutely loved seeing the variety of approaches they took and hearing about their experiences with the program and the competition. I would recommend being a judge without hesitation!

Championship Judge
Integrated Engineering University Faculty

This activity is a wonderful opportunity for students to combine their imaginative abilities with scientific and engineering principles to grow in multiple aspects. Problem-solving and team building/development will be critical skills in their future, regardless of their career path.

Regional and Championship Judge
Engineering University Faculty

This program is an amazing way to create group hands-on experiences that is learning-focused. Students of all ages and levels can compete, and are guaranteed to walk away with increased self-efficacy, understanding of the engineering process, and a sense of accomplishment. The rubrics for students and judges’ are extremely easy to follow with enough instruction to standardize submissions but enough variability to allow for great differentiation, in process and thought.

Regional Judge
Science Education College Professor