Why the Exchange?

Why the Exchange?

The Exchange begins with the end in mind by moving questions about interests, preferences, desired workplace environment and priority needs to the beginning of the process. Using correlated question-sets directed to both employers and candidates, the platform systematically aligns talent with opportunity and operating much like an online dating site – job seekers and employers are matched based on their answers, skills, and resume.

It prioritizes questions about interests, preferences, workplace environments, and priority needs – reducing hiring bias and mismatches between job seekers and employers.

It provides for higher-quality matches between job seekers and employers, reducing time and cost for both.

It provides automated candidate pool demographic reports for simplified EEOC reporting and includes over 100,000 statistically validated job characteristics.

It notifies job seekers and employers of their top matches, eliminating time spent sorting through stacks of resumes or endless job list.

It includes integrated promotion through social media and email.

All candidates and posted jobs are current or “active”.

It automatically posts to 5,000 other no-cost local, regional and national job sites.

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